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congratulations! you're having a baby. maybe you've already found out that the baby you are carrying is a boy or maybe you just think or hope your baby is a boy. in either case, we hope that you have found this site because you are concerned about what is going to happen to your baby if he is born a boy.

here in the united states, there are usually three questions we ask when we meet our babies for the very first time.

  1. "is the baby healthy?"
  2. "is the baby a boy or a girl?"
  3. if the baby is a boy ... "when will he be circumcised?"

when we were expecting our third child, we were very busy doing everything we could to make sure that the answer to the first question would be "yes!". and having two little girls already, we were definitely hoping that the answer to the second question was going to be "boy!".

he's a baby not an arts and crafts project!which inextricably led us to the third question. luckily for baby girls here in the United States, they get to skip the third question (although this is not true in other countries like Egypt, Kenya and Somalia). since we were really hoping for a baby boy we realized that once he arrived we would have to be ready to answer this third question within hours of his birth.

we had already considered our preferences for all of the "standard" just-arrived baby procedures by the time we started researching circumcision: when to do the cord cutting, the eye drops, whether we were rooming-in and everything else that happens once the big belly that we were carting around became a real baby. we knew we wanted the baby's first introduction to the world to be the nicest it could possibly be and this third question really started to concern us.

were we really going to give our just born baby boy to someone so that a part of him could be cut from his body?? the more we thought about it, the stranger the question became ... why did we have to consider this question at all? ... why do we cut off parts of baby boys before we bring them home? ... why only baby boys? we don't cut off parts of baby girls, do we?

we realized that we didn't know enough about circumcision to answer that third question, so we did a lot of research. then, our big belly became a real baby. and we realized, he's a baby, not an arts and crafts project!! so when they asked us at the hospital "when will he be circumcised?", we had only one answer. and we hope that by the time you're done visiting with us today, your answer will be the same - "NEVER!!"


original articles about circumcision

what I learned about circumcision when I was pregnant
this is an article I wrote about my personal experience in researching circumcision. I wrote it all down because new mothers are not told enough about circumcision by their health care providers to make an informed decision. I know because when I was five months along here's the conversation I had with my midwife about circumcision - "will you be circumcising if it's a boy?". when I asked for more information she kind of mumbled back that it was a parents choice. that was all of the information that I got from my health care provider when I was pregnant. about a surgery. on a newborn baby. shocking isn't it? this is your baby, he will be born only once : know everything.
just say NO to circumcision: Kirk's Story
Julie and her family chose circumcision for their newborn twin sons, Kirk and Kyle. Julie regrets that she was not informed that circumcision was unneccessary nor anything of its possible complications. Read Kirk's story to learn why Julie implores you to just say NO to circumcision.
the ultimate circumcision complication
many parents chose to circumcise their newborn boys without being informed of the possible complications or believe that the complications that they are warned of could never happen to them. before you choose to circumcise your baby boy, you need to decide if the unproven benefits of circumcision are worth the risk of surgery performed on your perfect baby boy. even if you believe that circumcision is "right for my family", are you willing to accept the possibility of surgical complications from circumcision? whether she intended to or not, this mother accepted the risk - and paid the ultimate price.
do you buy lottery tickets?
still don't believe that surgery on your son's penis is a huge risk? don't believe it can happen to you? do you buy lottery tickets? did you know that the chance that your son will die as result of a complication from circumcision is over 1,000 times your chance that you will win the lottery? think you can to win $1,000,000? by a lottery ticket. think your son will avoid a complication of circumcision? there's only one way to be sure - don't gamble with his life.
FRANK'S FUND: A Legal Assistance Fund For Circumcision Related Issues
a fund help parents and men over the age of 18 mount legal action against their circumcisors. frank believes (probably correctly) that the only way to gain the attention of doctors, hospitals and medical malpractice insurers is to hit them in the pocketbook. circumcision goes against all morals and basic tenets of the medical establishment - unconsenting babies experience great harm and damage at the hands of circumcisors and that harm lasts a lifetime. doctors need to be made aware of this now and though the courts if neccessary. please give today.
questions and answers about circumcision
here are the questions that we had about circumcision and some of the answers that we found. a lot of the answers will reference other web sites; those sites will open in a separate browser window. if you find something you don't understand, or something that you'd like us to answer for you, please email us. we will be more than happy to answer your questions or refer you to someone who can help you.
regarding circumcision and intactness
the writings of vincent bach
some great original articles written by a frequent and prolific poster on the circumcision bulletin boards. some of his work includes: how to talk with your circumcised man delicately and with tact, the science of circumcision, and reflections on the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).
what the bible really says about circumcision
this is an article written by a very nice Christian woman named Laura Jezek. she did not give me an email address but asked that I post this article for her. many people have written to us about how Laura's article saved their babies. if you are a Christian and believe that you must circumcise for religious reasons, please read Laura's article.

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